Precision Logic Technology, Inc.
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OEM’s Original Equipment manufacturers CM’s Contract manufactures Engineers Product Development Industrial Accounts Repairs Shops Military Medical And others…..

Precision Logic Technology, Inc. Supplies

Integrated Circuits· Transistors· Capacitors· Resistors· Switches· Relays· Oscillators· Crystals· Semiconductors· Microprocessors· Microelectronics· Memory· Modules· Power Supplies· Eproms· Drams· Spacers· Contacts· Fuses· Inductors· Diodes· Rectifiers· Connectors · Military parts

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End of life electronic components is a real problem for our customers. Precision Logic supplies obsolete parts fast to our customers keeping production, and repair lines moving. Precision Logic stocks thousands of obsolete parts. Precision Logic is a proud supplier of high quality obsolete parts since 1993. Search our database to find the parts you need fast. Get a free quote on any Obsolete or hard to find electronic components. The Obsolete parts we supply are new unless you specify you can use others. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Supplier. We supply Oem’s, CM’s, Engineers, Military, and repair shops all over the world